Easy and pure Internet
A unique solution to protect your mobile device from
advertising, dangerous web sites, spying and viruses.
Blocking of adverts
User anonymity
Internet acceleration
Saves money
Blocking of all adverts
AdLocker blocks web site advertising, ads in games and applications.
No more ads

AdLocker is the most advanced adblocker.

Roman, the Founder

User anonymity and spying protection

Your personal data protection is our main priority.

Web sites and social networks do not pick up information about your actions any more.

The application helps to hide your Internet activity from surveillance

Kirill, the Programmer

Keeps safe from dangerous web sites and viruses
Informs about visiting of the commercial web sites
Allows you to restrict Internet access to selected applications using the built-in firewall.

We'll protect your mobile device from fraudsters and unnecessary expenses

Elena, the Tester

Accelerates Internet and save your money
The download speed
increases by up to 2 times
Adblocking allows to save
mobile traffic

It's important to create such a product so that it could be recommended to friends and kith and kin

Sergey, the Marketing Specialist

First complex protection
Enjoy Internet without intrusive advertising and online fraudsters.
We'll protect your mobile device from surveillance and danger.